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rising star comes from indiana. >> an indiana lawmaker is taking a stand against girl scouts. state representative bob morris said he's against celebrating the group's 100th anniversary. >> in a letter that he wrote to his fellow representatives he says, "the girl scouts are a quote radicalized organization that promote abortion and homosexuality." >> stephen: yes. they meet in a church basement once a week, hold bake sales to raise money for field trips, and volunteer their time to help the elderly. you know, gay stuff! [ laughter ] and bob morris isn't just pulling these accusations out of his totally straight ass. in a letter to his fellow legislators, he said, quote, "i did a small amount of web-based research, and what i found is disturbing." [ laughter ] yes, and i did an even smaller amount of web-based research by typing girl scouts and lesbian into google images and what i found was depraved. i did not know you could earn a merit badge in scissoring. [ laughter ] so republicans, i feel good about this guy-- 'cuz i also did a small amount of web-based research by typing "bob
eavy damage was also reported in other nearby states such as kentucky, indiana, tennessee anddkansas. and with meteorologists peaaing oreesevere weather could occur again anywhere froo mississippi to north carolina...authorities are urging caution. more than 200 injuries have been reported. ((2-shot ttss to weather)) 3 ((traffic reporter addlibs)) liis)) 3 33 3 bettee than botox? bbtox?the new cosmetic procedure that's making people lookssyears younger. ((break 2)) 3- many people spend a lifetime trying to turn back time.....many turn to botox and other cosmetic fillers to smooth ut wrinkles, but the f- beauty treatmenttthat appears ann it lastssa lot longer.ii our cover story, jefffabell examines the latest "wrinkll pn wrinkles." wrinkles." (23:31:57) "your bones are sticking out. your veins are sttccing out...." aa 62.....janet david ii determined.....too urn bbcc the handd of time. look like the hands of hee somebody who's in their sixties." so janet david is puuting her the hands offdoctor roberr weiss... (22:44:27) "is there any area inn pprtic
, illinois, indiana, kentucky and tennessee. some survivors say it sounded like a bomb going off. more than one dozen tornadoes causing overnight damage in several midwestern states. >> the storm came in with such a frost, you could not even open the doors of the firehouse. the level it was hit especially hard. the tornado was estimated as an f for, the second most powerful of the readings field. homes were reduced to splinter rubble. this home was damaged, walls were destroyed, exposing this patient's room to the elements. residents in nebraska, kansas, missouri, indiana and kentucky have all lost their homes. >> before i knew it, i was upside down. a driver, a friend of mine was still in the back. i had to pull him out. >> tornadoes are a way of life for these states. that does not make the sudden destruction any less painful. >>grant: here is video of one of the tornadoes shot by a storm kezar. the storm is not done. officials and residents are bracing in the southeast u.s.. more tornadoes are possible. thunderstorms are definite and winds are expected to reach 80 mi. per hour. >>pam: on
, jackson, in indiana. but david lee, 78 a piece at the finish. 22 point, 12 rebounds. and warriors quinn 85 -82 -- win 85-82. >>> jeremy lin does it again tonight. watch the game, you think maybe he's going to start to slow down. came through though. 19 points, 13 assists, 5 rebounds, only one turnover against cleveland, and he got beat up here. bloodied and battered. he went to the bench, came back and led the knicks over the cavaliers. jeremy lin, first time he's gotten beaten up a little bit and came back. no slowing that guy down. >>> kobe bryant has a broken nose, wore a protective mask. 31 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists. he's one of those guys everybody thinks oh, he can't play. that's when he really gets off. 104-85. >>> ucla hoops has been hit with a dagger by sports illustrated. this is just -- this stuff better be true because it's ruined ben howard. the store goes on there's widespread drinking, drug abuse among players. other issues, that the players are continually finding. one player urinating on another's clothes. they're talking back to the coach. >>> usa soccer has not bea
in the mid section the country. it was felt in indiana, kansas, kentucky, tennessee and missouri. a tornado dealt severe damage to the tourist town of branson. >> we stand ready to work with them, anything they need to make sure they are back up and operating. >> reporter: that's thursday's theme throughout the stricken region. getting back up in the midst of destruction and hoping they don't see anything like it again. >> i hope and pray it doesn't come to me or anyone else i tell you, it's the worst experience of waking up to ever. >> reporter: the severe weather is not completely over yet. a forecast the storm is set to trigger more tore nateos from the ohio -- tornadoes from the ohio river valley to the tennessee river valley. sandra endo. back to you. >> the severity of the storms will be felt for days and weeks to come. how you can stay ahead of the storm we have you covered here at abc2. go to abc 2 and under neath the weather tab see tornado -- underneath the weather tab see tornado alley and go to the site for tornado alley live. the most accurate and up-to- date informati
.../ , kentucky,.../ p indiana, .../ tenneesee... and kansas. 3this is just,,you don't 3 happeningg nd hitting so cllse to your family. 3 we haaeeto stay ssrong, we -3 have to tay vigilant. aa heartbreaking as ttis is for - all of us, and our hearts are 3 another storm... is fooecast & trigger tornadoes .../ from the... ohio thru... the tennessee 3 beginning tomorrow..- 3 3 we... had pleanty 3 of sunshine... for the start of march. reid joins us now and lets us know what we can expect in the next few days. 33 baltimore's own hallie day.. rocked the stage last night on ameeican idol. idollsinging nats waitress peformed the standard..."feeling good".she got off to a dramatii, slow & startt.. and then vamped it up for powwrrul ending. the judges were unnnimous... abbut loving it. 3 you look like a ssar.. love slow staat a fee mmoments you lost control but got it back and did abeautiful job & jobtonight is the 3 seasons ffrst results show... the conestantsswill be narrowed down from 22 to 3 remember yoo can watch american
missouri, kentucky, indiana, - tennessee ann kansas.and the severe weather isn't ccmpletely over. another storm is forecast to rigger tornadoes from the ohio river valley through the tennessee river valley beginningg &ptomorrow. today... baby boomers are &pmourning the death f 60's icon, davy joness davy jones perforrance naas nats &pthis is video of his last televised performance... fromm may of 2011.the 66-year-old singer, a member of "the monkeess" died wednesday... of an apparent heart attack. says e thought of jones as a brother... ann that word of his death left him sppechlees. "yeah it's a shock right out of the blle. no onn ever suspected you know, you know what can you say, total shock i'm still just a little bit all."the hollywood chamber of commerce says flowers will be placed on the monkees' star tooay... in his honor. a deeication ceremony is being hhld today... forrthe new herman and walter samuelson children's hospital at sinai. sinai.the 23-thousand square &pfoot facilityyfeatures 26 all -rivate rooos.a ribbon-cutting ceremony is schedulld for 11 a- will take place
and into indiana and areas of ohio. we will watch that that's a look at the national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. areas in new england are still watching the exiting winter storm. kind of a wintry mess from boston to albany, springfield, mat, southern new hampshire and other areas of the east coast and midwest is just fine. looks like we are into one of those spring patterns. it's been so warm this winter, i guess it shouldn't be a big surprise that now we will start tracking tornadoes. >> scary weather out. appreciate you watching it. thanks. >>> big ben speaks and apple hits a new high and your chance to own the home court of a basketball icon. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, she grabbed the spotlight with her sometimes outrageous behavior but this morning, she is making headlines for a completely different reason. >>> coming up, a huge win for usa soccer and kobe bryant like you've never seen him before. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. welcome back. i'm veronica de la cruz. here are some of your top headli
in indiana hopes to take gold at a duck-calling competition. [ duck sound ] >> that's thomas corroder. indiana's newest duck calling champion. he is now qualified for the world duck calling contest in arkansas next year. to win, his call will have to be better than 60 other callers. how do you know? how many ducks come flying in your direction? >> also weird that the world championships are held in arkansas. >> an honor. >>> straight ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. seven hours on the side of an arizona mountain. how this man got stuck. and how rescuers managed to get him down. >>> delicate situation. can president obama and the israel prime minister sort out what to do about iran's nuclear facilities? >>> 11 days until we spring forward. get your updated first warning weather forecast. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> a base jumper is pulled from the side of a cliff in arizona. and it is caught on tape. helicopters rush to the scene after his parachut
extends one day after covering much of downstate illinois and indiana. active season we have going. more about that and to the next storm possible impact on chicago also warm weather next week later in the weather segment. >> other news right now lawsuit filed today accusing hotel bartender drugging and assaulting a woman visiting chicago led unthinkable story getting worse. live with details >> 50 year old woman from virginia stank naperville and the area for a wedding in naperville she says drug at the hotel bar and sexually assaulted in her room claiming attacker used his own hotel key. 14 at page lawsuit filed in federal court accuses a hotel bartender of spiking her drink with date rape drug ghb says soon felt groggy return to room and passed out bartender allegedly got a key to the room from the front desk no questions asked in beijing on wanted to inappropriate sexual contact. >> she wakes up in the morning idea something happened something not right down the hotel manager says has not yet seen the lawsuit but aware of what it says. richard brink as accused bartender no longer b
: the gentlelady from nevada yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from indiana rise? >> ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: so ordered. mr. pence: mr. speaker, there is a lot of issues being debated here in our nation's capital, but hoosiers are talking about just one thing and that is rising prices at the pump. the average price of gasoline in indiana right now is $3.82 a gallon. that's 10 cents higher than the national average. and it's worth noting when president obama came to office the average price of gasoline nationwide was $1.79. this administration pushed cap and trade, national energy tax that the president said would cause utility rates to skyrocket. they pushed it through regulations even though it didn't make it in the congress. they suspended deep water drilling in the gulf of mexico for a time. they placed the entire pacific and atlantic coasts off-limits to drilling. refused to explore alaska. decreased production across the western part of our nation, and most recently rejected the keystone x.l. pipeline. i say and i tak
. it also hit states like indiana, kansas, kentucky, tennessee, and missouri. >> we stand ready to work with them with anything that they need to make sure that they're back up and operating. >>reporter: that will be thursday's theme throughout this region, getting back up in the midst of destruction and hoping that they do not see anything like this again. >> i hope and pray that it does not kill anyone else because let me tell you this is the worst experience to wake up to. >>justine: and other system is forecasted just like the one that went through the other day it is expected to pass through the midwest. we will fall this and bring you the very latest. >>james: we will take a quick break, so far so good, traffic is like in the roads are dry. did i mentioned earlier, we do have some light showers in napa and sonoma. we will let you know of that will triple down into the heart of the bay, we will be right [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening crime. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 37 billion! and guess how ide
touched down in kansas, missouri, kentucky, illinois, and indiana. harrisburg, it hit the town just before 5:00 a.m. this morning. eric gregg said despite the loss of life and praurptd, operty, his town will endure. the images are stunning and disturbing. can you tell me when you found out about this? what you heard this morning when you woke up to this? >> well, actually, this morning, the alarm was going off, sirens were going off about ten till 5:00. i woke up, got my family up. i went outside and was trying to assess where the tornado was coming at. we had heard it was imminent, and it was just a very eerie feeling. actually, the wind calmed, where i live at in the northern part of the city. it got very quiet, and during the sirens, you could hear the roar, and it was just a very eerie moment for me and my family. and immediately, the radios started going off saying the tornado was on the ground, reeking havoc on the southern part of the community, and my son and i got into the vehicle and came out here. we were here on the site within about 20 minutes of the tornado coming through. an
damaged or destroyed today and twisters touched down in kansas, missouri, illinois, indiana and kentucky. harrisburg, illinois was one of the hardest hit. the tornado hit just before 5:00 a.m. this morning. the mayor says despite the loss of life and property, his town will endure and he is "outfront" tonight. those images are stunning and disturbing. can you tell me when you found out about this? what you heard this morning when you woke up to this. >> well, actually this morning as the alarm was going off, sirens were going off about ten to 5:00, i woke up, got my family up. i went outside an was trying to assess where the tornado was coming at. you know, we had heard it was imminent and it was just a very eraerie feeling. the wind calmed, got very quiet and even during the sirens and you could hear the roar. immediately, the radio started going off saying the tornado was on the ground. just wreaking havoc on the southern part of the community and my son and i actually got in our -- in my vehicle and came out here and we were on the, we were here on the site within 20 minutes of the to
to your mom and get to the hospital? >> i live in indiana and i live about four hours away. i didn't get here until, i don't know, around noon yesterday. and i still haven't seen my mother, actually. she had already been taken to wherever she's at. she'd already been taken there, but i haven't seen her since i've been here yet. >> when you look at the scope of this damage. her home has literally been wiped off its foundation. >> there really aren't any words to describe. when i drove through town and i saw this yesterday, i just thought to myself, how terrifying. you know, i knew by that time that there were more people than just my mom that had perished. so, i wasn't just heart broken for my mom, you know, i was praying for everyone that had lost a loved one. i mean, this is just, you don't imagine something like this happening and hitting so close to your family. i mean, you see it on the news. you don't, you don't ever think it's going to happen to you. you really don't. >> did you get to the hospital in time to see your mom? >> oh, yes. of course, my wife being a nurse she got to act
to the region tomorrow. the greatest risk is in ohio and indiana, and down in kentucky and tennessee. twisters ripped through missouri, tennessee, illinois, and kansas yesterday, killing 13 people and leaving the picturese that summed it all up for us today, picturees of relief that a grbs of spared in harrisburg, illinois. realization that most everything you've worked for is gone. and reflection on how much life can change in an instant. dean reynolds is in bridgeway, illinois, tonight. dean. >> reporter: scott, it's taken us a couple of days of driving around and surveying the damage to get a real sense of the power of this tornado and how it chewed up just about everything it touched. bit by bit, piece by piece, they tried to bring some order out of the chaotic landscape. donald davis sifted the debris in what was left of his harrisburg home. >so the roof just david in, huh? >> no, the house exploded. >> reporter: just exploded? >> part of the house here and parts of the house in my basement, parts of the house here and parts of my house right back over here two blocks. it exploded yes, si
an indiana man of child abuse for forcing his three grandsons to make the grueling hike in the grand canyon last summer. 45-year-old christopher allen carlson forced boys, ages 8, 9 and 12 to make two hikes of more than 15 miles. the boys testified that carlson pushed, choked and kicked them during those hikes. >>> come up after your local news on "cbs this morning," reversing obesity and diabetes through a new diet that controls your blood sugar. i'm betty nguyen, this is the "cbs morning news." ure now. [ female announcer ] discover the power of aveeno positively radiant. with total soy, it's clinically proven to visibly reduce past damage, while broad spectrum spf 30 helps prevent future damage. aveeno positively radiant. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly. [ male announcer ] new bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. . >>> good morning. it's thursday, march 1. i'm monikai'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. >>> i'm mike hydeck. i'm sitting down.
in indiana kentucky tennessee and missouri. >> they stood in the tourist town of branson. that will be thursday's theme throughout the stricten regions getting back up in the midst of the destruction and hoping they don't see anything like it again. >> i hope and pray it doesn't come to me or anybody else, and it is the worst experience of waking up to ever. >> reporter: the severe weather is not completely over yet. there is another storm system which could spin more tornadoes over the tennessee river valley beginning tomorrow. pam, back to you. >>> two american soldiers were shot to death today on a military base in afghanistan by two of a dance and one believed to be. the men were disguised in uniforms killing u.s. troops. you are looking at video of the caskets arriving at dover air force base. two military advisers were killed while sitting in their office. at least six officers have been killed by afghanistan officers after the burning of the koran at the u.s. air force base. >>> this is new video of the costa allegra heading to the docks. now a fire in the engine r
of missouri, illinois, indiana, kansas, kentucky, and tennessee. he placed the calls, the president placed the calls while driving from nashua new hampshire top the airport in manchester. he landed in new york where he's attending four fund-raisers. on capitol hill, testimonies of congressional lawmakers who took part in the civil rights movement are going to be preserved under a resolution passed by the house today. it passed unanimously. the measure instructs the office of the house historian to compile the stories of current and former members who were involved in civil rights events and activities of the 1960s. it will also call for documentation of the experiences of members who took part in the protest marches in alabama from selma montgomery in 1956. the most well-known lawmaker to play a role in those marches is congressman john lewis, democrat from georgia. he was a leader of the march between the two cities, has been known as bloody sunday, march 7th, 1965. since 1998, lewis has led a congressional delegation back to selma and other landmarks each year and the pilgrimage this yea
, missouri, illinois, tennessee, indiana and kentucky. over 300 reports of severe weather across the region described frightening details such as wind gusts of over 80 miles per hour and golf size hail storms. there were reports of power outages for thousands of people particularly in my home town of louisville. downed power lines, flash flooding were reported all across the state. news reports and accounts from my own staff tell me there's been considerable damage across kentucky including dozens of homes and businesses damaged and several people injured. two people in mccracken county near paducah were rescued from an overturned mobile home and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. from what we know at this point, however, thankfully it appears no lives were lost in kentucky. unfortunately the same cannot be said elsewhere as the severe weather that was that raged through six other states reportedly has claimed at least 12 lives. i join my colleagues from the affected states in keeping think thoughts today, keeping in my thoughts today all those affected by these storms especially
're talking about the same area that was hit yesterday. kentucky, illinois, indiana. parts of the ohio area and down through portions of tennessee a moderate risk. any time you see a moderate risk we're talking about a potential for tornadoes once again. this will be during the afternoon tomorrow. we are hoping they do not see a repeat of what we saw during the day yesterday. as far as our weather is concerned the same frontal boundary that is going to cause thunderstorms there will move our way and i think a good chance for some thunderstorms in our area overnight friday night into early saturday morning. right now i don't think the severe threat is quite there but we have to watch out for some stronger storms and we'll of course watch them for you here at nbc 4. by the end of the afternoon though we get out of here and we're looking at sunshine late in the day on saturday. that's not bad at all. as far as our next couple days go how about this evening? looking good. still a little bit on the cool side. you'll notice the temperatures dipping down. 57 to about 64 degrees. but just gorgeous
was ravaged by a tornado with wwnds of up to 170 peetucky, indiana, tennessee - and kansas. lumber... boats... and other &pdebris ripped from japanese coastal towns by tsunamis last year could wash ashhre on the west coast of the u-s as early as a ááeará from now.the debris has already spread across some 3-thousand miles &pnational oceanic and .tte atmmspheric administratioo estimated the first bits of psunami debris will make landfall soon on small islands northwest of hawaii. other pieces are expected to reach the coastt of oregon.. washington state... alaska and canada between march 2013 and march 2014. the grocery store meat counter wwll look a little shoppstarting today... it will - nutritioo labels on raw meat. the new rule affects aal ground meat and poultry... as breasts, pork chops, steaks - and lamb.the labels will include calories, protein, cholesterol and sodium. (((pat))) a prince georges county councilwoman got out of a big tickett... that anyone else áwouldá have gotten. she was onn the beltway going 115-miles per hour in a 55-mile zone. the offic
-f)uni tanto de illinois, indiana, porciones de ohio, arkansas missouri y alabama. lo más fuerte en horas de la mañana. y por favor, pre ste atención a las sirenas. un lugar que puede buscar refugio es el sótano. donde lo que sí tenemos, lo que genera esta actividad furiosa por parte de la madre naturaleza, tenemos una baja en altura, bastante humedad del golfo de méprimxico. vientos en ráfaga sobrepasan las 80 y 90 millas por hora y como resulto generan esta actividad de tornados. de hecho, vamos a entrar en una época más intensa de tornados. fuera de esto, tenemos este centro de baja presión, que es el viene viajando rápidamente a provocar estas condiciones muy severas. y trozo centro de baja presión en el noroeste del país. con actividad de nieve y tenemos esta actividad de precipitación blanca, acumulaciones sobre las montañas y todo el sureste en porción de arkansas hacia lousiana. las carolinas y georgia en porciones de tennessee. actividad de precipitación. nieve al oeste del medio oeste. precisamente y las temperaturas se quedan en el sur del país. miami con 84 grados.
of reasons. one night after a complete collapse in indiana the warriors responded with intense oat, defense and a win surprise tonight in atlanta. little sparky is rocking the warriors geared. played with motivation from the opening tip. david lee with authority. 12 in the first half. warriors playing defense unlike last night. contesting shots. look at dominik mcguire. rebound. he had 15 boards in the game. warriors up ten. off the bench and here is why everybody wants to see him starting. steal and slam. minutes ago, hawks down two. zaza the stick-back and we are tied at 78. curry still hurt but you suited him up to put him in the corner as a decoy. lee to the basket right-handed. he is lefty. nice victory for the warriors. 85-82 as they move on to philadelphia on friday. >>> lin sanity in new york tonight. jeremy lin high off the glass. 13 assists and one bloody nose for jeremy tonight. knicks traille much the game. fourth quarter. j.r. smith. jumping out of a garden with the reverse. lin the steal. leads the break. with amman. and they are going craze in the garden. 120-103. knicks vict
to the region tomorrow. the greatest risk is in ohio and indiana, and down in kentucky
on the line. caller: hello. host: where is michigan city? caller: actually, it is indiana. host: that's what i thought. caller: i want to speak on the silliness of a national parade. i just on see the logistics of it. where is it going to be held -- tin-tin, new york city, los angeles? -- washington? i think when they get off the plane they want to go straight home and see their loved ones. the parade would probably only be for the people, to make the citizens feel good. host: ellis is no longer with us. we will move on to baltimore. kirk on our independent line. caller: i think the veterans put their lives on the line for us. i think that if godzilla came over, our boys would get in airplanes and tanks and do their thing. you have to give respect to the troops even if you don't like the missions. so as far as a parade, i think they deserve more than a parade. they should be packed inside the stadium and for the whole day and they should have places where you can set up and some people can get help and health care because they might be homeless or they need some help. we need some people in th
will rise is because of growing demand in countries like china and indiana and brazil. just think about this. in five years, the number of cars on the road in china more than tripled, over the last five years. the number of cars tripled. nearly 10 million cars were added in china alone in 2010. 10 million cars. just in one country, in one year. so that's using up a lot of oil. and those numbers are only going to get bigger over time, as places like china and india get wealthier, they're going to want to buy cars like we do and they're going to want to fill them up like we do, and that's going to drive up demand. so what does this mean for us? what does this mean for america? it means that anybody who tells you that we can just drill our way out of this problem does not know what they're talking about or they're not telling you the truth. one or the other. here's another way to think about it. the united states consumes more than 20% of the world's oil, but we only have 2% of the world's oil reserves. 20% we use, we only produce 2%. and no matter what we do, it's not going to get much above 3
a scene from an indiana jones movie. >>> also, a major shift in how bay area drivers pay bridge tolls. it's already a done deal on one butcy bridge. 0 . >>> sheriff deputies say the boulder broke one woman's leg and injured a man's arm. you can see the crews helping. all of the individuals were airlifted to safety. >>> 7:5. starting next year, drivers could spend less time paying tolls on the golden gate bridge. people have been paying tolls on bay area bridges for 85 years since the carquinez bridge opened in 1927. now, the golden gate bridge is on track to eliminate human toll takers. drivers will use fast track or h a -- or a scan to scan their information and have this mailed to them. and that will create job loss. >>> we have to go to tara a severe alert in napa county. what happened? >> motorists are being advised to use highway 24 instead. the roadway will be back open at 9:00. the highway 4 in the pittsburg area has been pretty congested. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks like a virtual parking lot. >>> cloudy skies, cold, windy out there. this is a weak part of the syste
about the birds. fort wayne, indiana. and the old adage still sticks from way back then. that pitching is 75% of the game. with that said, in our masn on wjz orioles spring training report, pitchers make up over 50% of the birds' roster, down in sarasota, florida. maybe some nuggets will fall out of the bunch? who will respectively pull out the pen. he's now entering his 7th campaign as a birds reliever. he provides veteran leadership in the clubhouse. knowing this, not feeling it when it comes to showing the youngsters the way. >> i think all of us kind of have some sort of leadership quality, whether it's, you know, they have two or five or 10 years. i mean, we all kind of pick each other's brains. we all try to help each other out. so we're all moving in the right direction. there's not maybe one key guy yet that has really stood out. i mean, there's some guys that definitely maybe have more ears than others. so -- you know, it's a position that, you know, i have no problem helping out at. >> last season, johnson went 6- 5, with nine saves. his e.r.a., 2.67. and he did finish second
indiana, parts of kentucky, into tennessee, mississippi, alabama and georgia. this weather could be just as strong we saw the other day. >> just as strong? >> and certainly f-3s, and maybe more tornadoes tomorrow than there were a couple days ago. >> let's hope not. chad myers, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >>> now to more news after the break. we'll be right back. maybe this vacation wasn't a good idea vacations are always a good idea ♪ priceline negoti - - no time. out quickly. you're miles from your destination. you'll need a hotel tonight we don't have time to bid you don't have to bid. at priceline you can choose from thousands of hotels on sale every day. save yourself... some money >>> it goes without saying being the president is a pretty stressful job. i see you laughing. dealing with the politics of washington, pulling the country out of a deep recession, but then comes the pressure of tossing out the first pitch. in this new interview, the president reveals what that is like. joe johns? >> i can't imagine. >> how are you doing? i miss you. >> i miss you, too. you're
races. scott brown of massachusetts, dean heller of nevada, richard lugar of indiana and corker, hatch, barrasso and wicker are all up for re-election. >> well, all i know is that we keep having this debate over and over again. and the komen debate. and i think what people are realizing is that there is a very strong support across america to keep the access to women's health care on prevention because it's helping save women's lives and controlling health care costs by making sure we catch things early. and so why do people want to upset that at such a critical time? >> i don't understand that -- i don't understand why these senators could vote for it, even those with tough races because it doesn't make sense. but i thank you for being with us tonight. i'm glad to put it bluntly that so far you stopped the blunt amendment, pun intended. kaernt cantwell, thank you for your time tonight. this blunt amendment today was also a big problem for mitt romney who wants conservatives to know he really, truly supports the plan, even though he initially said he opposed it. >> i'm in favor of the
and then a car. >> heavy damage is being reported in illinois, missouri, kentucky, tennessee, indiana and kansas. >>> a federal judge says no to requiring graphic warning labels on packages of cigarettes and other tobacco products. a new federal law would have required written warnings as well as alternating images including a corpse, smoke infected lungs on some of the packages. companies sued saying the warnings would be cost prohibitive and dominate the packages. the judge says the requirement violates freedom of speech. a lot more in the next two hours. watch this. >>> one of america's biggest banks is floating the idea of a new fee. and this one just a banking check account. could your bank be next? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> i crawled over all this stuff and came out to here. >> powerful tornadoes devastate lives as folks brace for another wave. >>> it's a peeve that won't make sarah palin very happy. >> isn't the press defining me right now? >> hbo will soon release a behind the scenes portrayal of how john mccain's campaign chose her as a running mate. >>> plus, a priest den
saw yesterday. i want to show you this video from newburgh, indiana. this is south and east of evansville. an ef-1 tornado hit around this time or maybe an hour or so from now. an hour after the one hit harrisburg. this is likely the same cell that hit harrisburg. it weakened by the time it got to newburgh. that is from an ef-1 damage. we do expect to see a threat for tornadoes as we go on through -- as we go through tomorrow. a slight threat today through the nation's midsection. i think a greater threat as this storm which has a lot of energy with it comes out of the rockies and into the plains tomorrow. highlighted by the storm prediction center as a moderate risk here, two days out that, is pretty serious stuff. what's different today or tomorrow is that it will be shifted more to the east. the strak more to the east. hopefully harrisburg will be spared. they're in the shaded area of slight risk. so a wide swath of real estate but we'll be under the gun tomorrow. back to you. >> all right, rob. thanks very much. i want to remind viewers as well. i mentioned not only harr
this area was affected yesterday. nebraska to kansas, missouri, illinois, tennessee, kentucky, indiana, two days, 27 confirmed tornadoes. with so many people on edge, i think the big question is does it happen again today? the answer is highly, highly unlikely for today. i think this entire area shaded in yoel low, okay, member fos, st. louis, indianapolis, pretty strong thunderstorms. tornadoes, not going to happen. this warm gulf air has to push further to the north and clash with colder air. that happens tomorrow. national weather service and the storm prediction center is saying tomorrow is your day from nashville up to cincinnati. the possibility of 2s, 3s, 4s, it will be out there again. you have to be on alert everybody. i'm sorry for the bad news. >> glad to have you with us. >>> just a note in our next hour, we'll take a look at a new high tech device that gives forecasters more time to warn people that a tornado is coming, a device that may have already saved lives this week. >> there is breaking news this morning from afghanistan. two americans have been killed in yet another att
, kentucky, indiana. two days, 27 confirmed tornadoes. so with so many people on edge, i think the big question is, does it happen again today? the answer there is highly, highly unlikely for today. i think this entire area shaded in yellow, memphis, st. louis, indianapolis, you'll see strong thunderstorms. tornadoes not going to happen because this warm gulf air has to push further to the north and clash with some colder air. that happens tomorrow. national weather service and the storm prediction center is saying tomorrow is your day from nashville up to cincinnati. again, the possibly of ef-2's, 3s and 4s. it will be out there again. you've got to be an alert everybody. i'm sorry for the bad news. erica, charlie, back to you. >> lonnie, good to have you with us. in the next hour, we're going to look at a high tech device that gives forecasters more time to warn people that a tornado is coming. a device that may have already saved lives this week. >>> there is breaking news from afghanistan. two americans have been killed in yet another attack on u.s. troops following last week's bur
." a little scandal at that school to say the least. >>> right. well, a fifth-grader in indiana has been suspended from school because she dyed her hair blue. 10-year-old rachel neely only has streaks of the color left in her blond tresz bses but she wa told not to come back to school until it's gone. she dyed her hair with kool-aid during a sleepover and several attempts to wash it out failed. she says her biggest fear is failing fifth grade. >>> encouraging news for our insomniac viewers this morning. a study just out from the journal "sleep" shows that your ability to go to sleep and stay asleep improves as you get older. researchers say the people with the fewest sleep complaints are in their 80s. close for us. they note an increase in sleep problems, though, in middle age patients and that more women than men have trouble getting their zs. >> when you work this shift i think you age in dog years. so we're close. >> every year on this show is actually five years of real life. >> we're close. >> we're almost in our 80s. >> well, you're close. >>> even though it's march 1st there's sti
and missouri, and illinois, indiana, kentucky, and tennessee. just before 5:00 in the morning, winds measuring up to 170 miles an hour ripped through harrisburg, illinois, shredding homes. and lifting entire buildings off foundation, carving a seven-mile path of destruction, up to four football fields wide. this was a shopping center. this morning, twisted metal, wood, and glass. >> i can't believe the measure of damage it did. i'm just glad it happened at night. no one was at work. >> reporter: this couple's dog woke them up just as the storm hit. >> he shakes uncontrollably. i got up, i heard the noise. the door opened in, it sucked it back closed. most of the roof is in the backyard. lodged up against the tree. some's in the swimming pool. >> reporter: and more panic in harveyville, kansas. brian and heather's daughter was trapped after the ceiling collapsed in the tornado there. >> i was down in the basement, i'm screaming at him. grab her, grab her, grab her, just grab her. >> i pulled her out from under. we went to the basement. water starts running through the floor. >> reporter: and in
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